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AG Optical Systems - Carbon Fiber Tubes and Parts

AG Optical Systems (AGO) manufactures all of the large diameter carbon fiber tubes use in our astrograph and telescope optical systems using carefully developed manufacturing and quality control processes.   Only the finest grades of composite and core materials are used in our tubes to ensure product that reliably and consistently performs to a high standard.

AG Optical Systems can also manufacture custom carbon fiber parts to meet your specific requirements.  Contact us to learn more.

Materials and Process

Materials Process
  • High quality carbon fiber fabrics in a variety of weaves and weights
  • Prepreg resin system with high temperature cure
  • Nomex honeycomb and foam core materials in a variety of thicknesses
  • Careful hand lay-up of carbon fiber plys
  • Multi-step vacuuming bagging process to ensure excellent compaction and consistent resing-to-fabric ratio

Sizes (Tubes)

  • Wall thickness up to 1"

  • Multiply plys available to meet customer requirements

  • Diameters up to 32"

  • Length up to 72"


  • Low quantity orders

  • Multiple finishing options (high quality automotive urethane finishes applied by profession paint shop are available)

  • Internal blackening with paint or flocking material available (tubes)

  • Tube rings and other mounting options available

Computer Controlled Curing Oven

Ruggedized version of 12.5" Imaging Dall Kirkham optical system.

Large carbon fiber tube with Nomex honeycomb core being prepped for curing