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AG Optical Systems has customers across the country and around the world!

      Featured Customers

Jim D. - AG Optical Systems 17" iDK

AG Optical Systems 17" iDK with owner Jim D. from Texas

Dan Wilson 17iDK

AG Optical Systems 17" iDK, Dan W. , Oklahoma
Tim K AGO 12.5 iDK at Winter Star Party

AG Optical Systems 12.5" iDK with owner Tim K. from Florida at Winter Star Party

AG Optical 14.5" iDK, Terry D. from Canada


AG Optical Systems has telescopes fielded across the US ........

and in countries as far reaching as Japan, Russia, Israel, Italy, and New Zealand.

Watch the AG Optical Systems session on The Astro Channel to learn about AG Optical Systems' design philosophy behind the Imaging Dall Kirkham.


Customer Comments

" Even though I was one of your first customers with AG Optical I never felt uneasy after meeting you at NEAF when placing my deposit.   

As for design and quality, the scope works perfectly.  I wanted a scope built like a tank that would hold collimation and it does very well.   Looks more like a Ferrari than a tank ;)"

Dean S. - KY USA - AG Optical 12.5" Newtonian


"I decided to purchase AG Optical 17iDK in the Spring - performs exceptionally well, easy to collimate precisely, fully corrected ......

Bottom line :  AG Optical........ make excellent CDK's for high performing imaging with an attractive price point........high quality imaging optics along with "build quality"

Jason P. - VA, USA - AG Optical 17" iDK


"Scope is a work of art."

Carlos D.  - MA, USA - AG Optical 10" iDK


"I guess you can tell I am quite happy with the iDK scope and highly recommend them.  I have to thank Dave for the effort of design and build of my new iDK.  I don't ever intend to sell it." 

Gerald Miller - OK, USA - AG Optical 12.5" iDK