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Imaging Harmer Wynne Astrograph

AG Optical Systems LLC and its sister company AG Composites LLC  ( are growing!  In order to fully support our high-growth products we are suspending production of the Imaging Harmer Wynne product line. 

Contact AG Optical Systems with questions you have regarding availability of the Imaging Harmer Wynne.


Imaging Harmer Wynne (iHW) 14.5", 16", and 20" astrographs are exceptionally compact, high resolution, fast focal ratio instruments with excellent on and off axis performance. By combining large aperture, a blazing fast focal ratio, corrected optics in a lightweight, stiff, and thermally stable carbon fiber tube AG Optical Systems has created a compact instrument capable of conducting serious scientific work (such as sky surveys) or capturing wide field images of deep space objects.

All AG Optical Systems iHW astrographs are designed to provide razor sharp images across a large field of view in a compact optical tube assembly.  The integral three element corrector eliminates coma and astigmatism while providing small RMS spot sizes (4 to 9 micron diameter, or 2 to 4.5 micron radius) over a 60mm diameter FOV.   When matched with an Optec Gemini rotating focuser (included as standard) and a rock solid, thermally stable carbon fiber truss tube, the AG Optical Systems iHW will meet your demanding performance expectations.

Narrowband Lagoon Nebula by Dan Wilson using AGO 14" iWH

Narrowband Lagoon Nebula image by Dan Wilson, AG Optical 14" Imaging Harmer Wynne, SBIG STXL 11002, 1.1 x 1.5 deg FOV in a 14" scope!  (click on image for larger view)

AG Optical Systems 14" Imaging Harmer Wynne


Included with each iHW astrograph:  carbon fiber optical tube assembly, hand-figured FUSED SILICA optics, Optec Gemini rotating focuser, piggyback dovetail plate, mount dovetail plate, primary cooling fans, and shroud

We encourage you to compare our product directly to the competition's... do they use Quartz optics? Does their pricing include a premium quality rotating focuser? What is their reputation for customer service?  You will quickly see that there is no competition.  Please call AG Optical Systems to learn more.


Imaging Harmer Wynne Astrograph Features


  • Precision OPTICAL GRADE FUSED QUARTZ optics figured and quality tested as a system by master opticians
  • Blazing fast F3.85 system designed and baffled for big chip CCD cameras
  • 8" of back focus to support almost any combination of imaging components (dependent upon focuser selected)


  • INCLUDED: Optec Gemini rotating focuser with PC cable and power supply
  • Compact, thermally stable carbon fiber composite truss tube with light stops and heavy flocking paper to suppress stray light
  • Primary mirror cooling fans
  • Thermal Control System for automated control of cooling fans, primary and secondary anti-dew heaters 
  • Heavy duty dovetail plate (Losmandy D compatible)

System Specifications                                                                          

20" F3.8 Imaging Harmer Wynne available on a custom order basis.  Please contact AG Optical Systems to learn more.

Model iHW14 iHW16
Aperture 14" 16"
Focal ratio 3.85 3.9
Focal length 53.9" 62.4"
Back focus
8" from back plate to focal plane
7.5" from back plate to focal plane
OTA type Thermally stable carbon Fiber Truss Thermally stable carbon Fiber Truss
Fans    3 x 60mm fans 3 x 80 mm fans
Secondary obstruction 8" 8.4"
Focuser (included) Optec Gemini rotating focuser Optec Gemini rotating focuser
Corrector  multi element, broadband AR coated  multi element, broadband AR coated
Optics Quartz primary and secondary with Enhanced Aluminum coatings Quartz primary and secondary with Enhanced Aluminum coatings
Baffling primary and secondary baffles, baffled for 16803 size chip primary and secondary baffles, baffled for 16803 size chip
Dovetail Heavy duty dovetail plate included Heavy duty dovetail plate included
Tube length approx. 25" approx. 32"
Tube weight with dovetail &  focuser approx. 62 lbs approx. 88 lbs
Price (ota, Gemini rotating focuser, shroud, dovetail) Contact AGO Contact AGO
AGO Thermal Control System Contact AGO Contact AGO
Crating Contact AGO Contact AGO
Spacers & Adapters contact AG Optical Systems
Delivery Time contact AG Optical Systems
Shipping contact AG Optical Systems

12.5" iHW Ray Trace

 14" Imaging Harmer Wyne Carbon Fiber astrograph

Pelican Nebula by Scott Johnson (Starfire Studios)  AG Optical Systems 12.5" F3.8 Newtonian Astrograph