Imaging Dall Kirkham (iDK) Quartz Series Telescopes


The Imaging Dall Kirkham (iDK) Series is a premium line of F6.7 wide-field quartz optics astrographs designed to provide a highly-corrected field of view for serious CCD imaging. The outstanding performance of the iDK Series is made possible through the convergence of modern design, careful selection of materials (quartz optics), state-of-the-art manufacturing, and precise assembly.  iDK systems are in use around the world producing stunning images of our Universe.


A permanently aligned integral field corrector eliminates coma, astigmatism, and field curvature across a flat field of view up to 70mm in diameter (50mm for the 10″ iDK). When combined with the extensive use of carbon fiber, CNC-machined components, and optical grade fused quartz optics, an iDK Series astrograph is a potent, versatile imaging telescope capable of serious scientific and astroimaging performance. 


The Imaging Dall Kirkham series of imaging telescopes offer a very versatile F6.7 focal ratio. This focal ratio provides a generous field of view to capture thousands of imaging objects while offering the image scale to frame moderate to small size objects nicely on your CCD sensor.

Dollar for dollar AG Optical Systems is the leader in high-performance imaging systems.  Backed by outstanding customer support our astrographs have features that cost extra or are not even available in competing systems,  For example, in addition to providing primary mirror and secondary mirror collimation adjustments, every iDK has a precision CNC machined tip/tilt focuser base to allow small amounts of tilt in an imaging train to be zeroed out.  Quartz optics figured by master opticians offer outstanding optical performance that you can rely on night after night.

M101 Imaged at F6.7 using a 17″ iDK Astrograph
Courtesy of Dan W., Oklahoma