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AG Optical Systems LLC - Technology

AG Optical Systems (AGO) specializes in the design, development, and production of high-resolution imaging systems.  The technology behind our products is based upon modern design, test, and production technologies.


AG Optical Systems uses Solidworks 3D CAD software to virtually design each optical system. The use of advanced CAD software allows AGO to explore mechanical design options and thoroughly investigate the mechanical characteristics of telescope designs before any carbon fiber fabric is cut or metal machined. This approach helps AG Optical Systems reduce design complexity when appropriate and design systems that can be repeatedly manufactured and assembled to high levels of precision and tolerance.

AG Optical Systems uses ATMOS and Zemax software to design our optical systems. 

Prototype Development/Manufacturing


At the heart of each AG Optical telescope are precision manufactured and carefully tested optics crafted by experienced opticians. Rigorous testing and quality control processes ensure that AGO optical systems offer excellent optical performance that will satisfy the most discriminating user.

Testing MethodologySample interferogram

Each optic that goes into an AGO telescope is rigorously tested using a variety of established test methodologies. This approach and commitment to quality ensures the each AGO telescope provides high contrast, razor sharp performance. Each and every iDK and iHW optical set is tested as a system using double pass interferometry. This unforgiving test ensure that the performance of iDK and iHW astrographs will be consistently outstanding and meet the potential of the excellent optical design.

After final figuring is complete, each optic is coated in Ostahowski Optics' state-of-the-art coating chamber with a high reflectivty 96% enhanced aluminum coating.

iDK and iHW corrector elements are made in the USA by an established optics manufacturer with vast experience making optics for commerical and defense industries. Each corrector element is thoroughly tested before being coated with a multilayer broadband antireflection coating that reduces light reflection to less than 0.5%.

Machining and Fabrication

AG Optical System owns a 3200 ft2 facility which houses CNC and manual maching equipment to include a vertical machining center, lathe, manual milling maching, and computer controled curing oven.  Our optical systems are tested using a large, highly precise collimating telescope to ensure that they perform to a very high standard.




SolidWorks CAD Model Finite Element Analysis

SolidWorks 3D CAD Model of 12.5" Imaging Dall Kirkham optical system

CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC Machined Telescope Back Plate with Cooling Fan