Convergent Series Wide-Field Imaging Telescopes





The Convergent Series is a premium line of wide-field astrographs designed to provide a highly-corrected field of view for serious CCD imaging. The outstanding performance of the Convergent Series is made possible through the convergence of modern design, careful selection of materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and precise assembly.


A permanently aligned integral field corrector eliminates coma and field curvature across a flat 40 to 50mm field of view. When combined with the extensive use of carbon fiber, CNC-machined components, and low expansion optics, a Convergent Series astrograph is a potent wide-field imaging telescope capable of serious scientific and astroimaging performance.



The Convergent Fast Astrograph series of imaging telescopes offer a fast F5 focal ratio. Compared to a same aperture F7 telescope, a Convergent Fast Astrograph telescope captures a massive 100% larger field of view greatly expanding the universe of objects you can image.

M101 Imaged at F7

M101 Imaged at F5
100% more field of view