Optical Design

AG Optical Systems telescopes are designed to provide a highly-corrected, flat imaging circle suitable for demanding astronomical CCD imaging applications.

The Imaging Dall Kirkham, Convergent Series and Imaging Harmer Wynne telescopes provide flat field image circles of 40 – 50mm diameter. Integral correctors greatly reduce optical aberrations and are critical to achieving sharp, high contrast images across today’s large CCD sensors. This high level of performance is made possible through the careful integration of a permanently-aligned, integral field corrector with a two mirror Cassegrain-type optical system.

Each optical system was designed to provide ample back focus to accommodate a wide variety of imaging train accessories.

High quality enhanced aluminum coatings and broadband anti-reflection coatings provide maximum light throughput while careful baffling and blackening of lens edges helps maximize image contrast.

convergent series performanceThe image to the right shows the high performance of the AG Optical Systems’ optical designs. The image shows a spot diagram for a 17″ Convergent astrograph across a 400 to 700nm range for on-axis stars through stars 25mm off-axis on a flat field. The box represents a 10 micron square pixel.   The small spot sizes (<7 microns RMS) demonstrate that the optical design will produce sharp star images across a generous image circle limited only by seeing conditions

Optical Tube Assembly

optical tube assemblyAG Optical Systems Imaging Dall Kirkham, Convergent Series, and Imaging Harmer Wynne carbon fiber truss optical tube assemblies make extensive use of carbon fiber composite materials, CNC-machined components, and precision collimation adjustments to provide a rigid and thermally stable platform for the low expansion optics. Three cooling fans speed the cooling of the primary mirror while primary and secondary mirror anti-dew heaters can be automatically controlled by the optional Thermal Control System (TCS).

Details such as the use of stainless steel fasteners, washers, and springs along with professionally anodized 6061 aluminum components ensure that each AG Optical Systems telescope will look as good as new year after year.


Quality…… Innovation…… Performance…… it’s the AG Optical Systems way