AG Optical Systems is a premiere manufacturer of high-quality telescopes. Guided by our principles of Quality, Innovation, and Performance, AG Optical Systems offers a range of imaging telescopes able to meet a variety of requirements from wide-field to narrow-field imaging. AG Optical Systems telescopes are in use around the world serving the imaging and scientific requirements of private and public sector customers.

All AG Optical Systems are carefully designed, manufactured, and tested using modern technologies to ensure that each telescope that leaves our facility will exceed our customer’s’ expectations.

AG Optical Systems telescopes have the following features:

  • Smooth, well-corrected optics providing a flat field free from coma and astigmatism over a large image circle
  • Carbon fiber composite truss tube assembly for excellent mechanical and thermal stability
  • Precise and stable collimation adjustments
  • Enhanced Aluminum coatings (96% reflectivity)
  • Broadband anti-reflection (< 0.5%) coatings on all lens surfaces
  • CNC machined components
  • All stainless steel fasteners
  • Primary mirror cooling fans
  • Heavy duty mount dovetail plate
  • Outstanding customer support
Imaging Dall Kirkham

Imaging Dall Kirkham

Versatile F6.7 imaging systems